Decision Support

Looking into new technologies to solve your current processes? Separating the wheat from the chaff can be a challenge. Let our years of experience in the regulatory and verification arena help guide your decision making process.
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Design and Integration

In many instances, your current technology needs augmentation and help to provide a productive solution. Consultants at VX Systems are experienced with integrating cutting edge technologies with legacy systems.
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Customized Solutions

If an off-the-shelf solution does not fit your needs, let us collaborate on a design that is tailored for you. Building a system that accounts for all your needs, and provides flexibility for the future, puts your organization ahead of the curve.
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Project Rescue

Project Rescue

Many projects fail or come short of the mark, due to a variety of reasons. Let VX Systems aid in the rescue effort.
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Project Rescue

Quality Assurance

Having a good plan can catch errors and cost overruns before getting out of control.
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Project Rescue

Web Development

From web page design to full business-to-business web services communication, we have the expertise to deliver.
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We deliver projects that can enable your business’ growth, reduce costs or improve productivity, improve customer satisfaction/loyalty, as well as create or enable competitive advantage. According to your specific needs and budget, we will develop the optimal custom software solution meeting the urgency of the business need and costs/productivity statement. We use the most cutting-edge technologies.


Our consultants are accomplished in the following technology areas:

  • Microsoft .net
  • Web applications
  • Document imaging
  • Document management
  • Microsoft SharePoint technologies
  • Collaboration Solutions
  • B2B Services
  • Java and J2EE applications
  • Reporting Services
  • Microsoft Sql Server Databases
  • Oracle Databases