EDGE is a software suite comprised of internal and external web products and services. To the general public, the software can provide licensee verifications and lookups. To applicants and licensees, the software provides a secure and private area to submit forms, change their information and check on the status of their applications. To internal staff, EDGE is a set of tools that helps manage all of that information.

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EDGE Web is collection of Internet-based products that supply the public an Internet interface to your Board. These products can be placed in an existing website or as a part of a content management solution such as Joomla or Drupal. read more


Director consists of a contact manager, licensing processor and workflow manager, all rolled into one bundled solution. The Director software also manages the different integrated modules such as Microsoft’s SharePoint, Associate, and Web.  read more


Documents come from many different directions. To have business value, they need to be associated with a person, place or thing. Associcate puts documents where they belong so that you can find them in the future.


EDGE Connect is a web service layer that connects businesses with other entities like national organizations and other business partners.