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According to Gartner, a leading research agency, Web 2.0 is the headliner of the current web development arsenal. It allows web site owners to increase the web applications' responsiveness and usability. It’s easy to predict that mainstream adoption of these technologies will reach its peak in the next two to five years. So now is the opportune time to redesign your web presence in compliance with new standards imposed by your potential customers. Otherwise, your customers may switch to a more convenient and up-to-date service. VX Systems Inc. helps its customers experience the benefits of new technologies. We use AJAX, RSS and similar frameworks to make your web presence stronger.

Another popular trend is online services, which are rapidly gaining popularity among web users because they allow quick and convenient access to real-time activities of many kinds. Introducing online services will expand your service coverage and leverage your business. They are becoming safer and securer and building more and more trust among users. VX Systems Inc. possesses a great deal of experience in creating various types of solutions for online services. Instead of simply providing you with technical implementation of a solution, we focus on the business logic of your application. This will make your project scalable and up-to-date and will also save you money and effort on future redesign.

We specialize in web technologies

VX Systems has experience in the following web technologies:
  • Content Redesign
  • Art Work
  • On-line forms
  • Collaboration Systems
  • Business to Business web service interfacing