Director consists of a contact manager, licensing processor and workflow manager, all rolled into one bundled solution. The Director software also manages the different integrated modules such as Microsoft’s SharePoint, Associate, and Web.

Contact/Licensee Management

Health care practitioners typically have a more complex data set than what is currently tracked by most systems.

Data elements such as licensing test scores (USMLE, NBOME, NCLEX), association specialties (such as the ABMS and AOA), and additional identifiers like controlled substance licenses, are built in to the systems’ data model. The EDGE system tracks the relationships between licensees and individuals at other agencies, both in and out of the state.  For instance, the relationship between physician assistants and their supervising physician are usually maintained at a board of medicine.  Relationships between physician and collaborating pharmacist would need to cross the boundary of agencies.  There are several schemes to maintain this data, and some can be automated, depending on cross-agency collaboration.

Features of this system include:

          Partial match/heuristic searching

          Multiple name tracking (maiden, name changes)

          Multiple addresses

          Relationship tracking: ability to relate people in collaborations, supervisory/subordinate roles

          Temporary permits or permanent registrations

          Multiple licenses/permits/registration per individual

          Fully integrated with Associate, the document management system and Microsoft SharePoint.

          Enforcement and disciplinary tracking

          Automated notifications

          Health care-specific identifiers

          Health care-specific education and training tracking




Workflow Management

Regulating licenses or permits for healthcare professionals is more rigorous than other professions. With multiple stages of approvals and quality checks, the Director Workflow Management System can be configured to encompass your level of verification. While these checks are being performed, an anxious applicant wants status updates. With the workflow management system in Director, along with EDGE Web, you can keep a detailed checklist of items to complete, while simultaneously providing a detailed status for the applicant through the online portal.